1/4 Inch Drive
Socket Sets
Made in Germany
MS-50 Assorted Metric Socket
Set      $ 409.78
1430AU American
Fractional Socket Set
$ 197.04
1440MU Assorted
Metric Socket Set
$ 327.25
1455TKLS10 10 Piece  DEEP
1455KLSM10 10 Piece
Metric socket set $ 54.46
Copyright 2004    PL2008
1430AUN American
Fractional Socket Set
with a fine tooth ratchet
$ 182.67
1430 MU  Metric
Socket Set
$ 204.51
foam drawer liner   $ 526.51
ELORA Werkzeugfabrik
Founded in 1924.
Manufacturers of top quality
German hand tools.
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