VDE Insulated tools
Made in Germany
Insulated  diagonal side cutters
Insulated needle nose pliers
VDE Compliant Insulated
VDE Compliant Insulated
Electricians Pliers
Insulated Hex drivers
VDE Compliant Insulated
Electricians Hex Drivers Nut
Drivers Screwdrivers
VDE Compliant Insulated Hex
Sockets Ratchets Extensions
Copyright 2004

VDE Voltage Tester
VDE Compliant Meter
564N Elora VDE Electric Tester
$ 192.48
566-150 Elora VDE Electric Pocket
Tester 150mm    $ 3.67
566-190 Elora VDE Electric Pocket
Tester 190mm    $ 4.80
ELORA Werkzeugfabrik
Founded in 1924.
Manufacturers of top quality
German hand tools.
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BTR Distributors takes pride as the
Official Distributor for Elora hand
tools in the United States.
VDE Compliant Adjustable Wrench
961-8 Elora VDE 8in. Adjustable
wrench    $ 92.10
961-10 Elora VDE 10in. Adjustable
wrench    $ 104.21
961-12 Elora VDE 12in. Adjustable
wrench    $ 134.99