Help for disabled children
Providers of health care for the poor
in Appalachia
Help for many in need on a regular
Help for children with cancer
In an effort to encourage
charitable giving, I am  
donating 20% of the profit
from my business. I thank all
my loyal customers for
contributing to my success,
and wish to pay it forward.
Below are links to the
charities I contribute to.
Camp Haven is an Indian River County
transitional home that provides
supportive living opportunities and
education to adults committed to rising
out of homelessness. Our program is
unique as we are the only shelter of its
kind in IRC and the surrounding
areas.  By implementing a thoughtful
intake procedure, and strict adherence
to guidelines, residents in our program
receive educational opportunities,
counseling and encouragement, as
they move from homelessness to
hopefulness, eventually becoming
active, engaged, contributing members
of our community.
Camp Haven
The primary goal of the Dasie
Bridgewater Hope Center is to
empower the students it serves to be
self-confident, responsible and
well-rounded individuals in a safe and
nurturing environment.  It is the vision
of the Dasie Bridgewater Hope Center
to remove barriers so the children can
concentrate on learning and achieving
their full potential by providing
programming that reinforces classroom
curriculum as well as encourages
creative and critical thinking.